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Flagler Beach Fl

Why Choose Flagler Beach?

Welcome to Flagler Beach FL

As the dedicated Owner/Broker of Ashley Real Estate Inc, I've spent years immersed in the unique charm and beauty that Flagler Beach, FL offers. Nestled between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, this small-town gem is more than just a destination; it's a lifestyle. The tranquil beaches, vibrant community, and stunning condominiums make it a perfect place for those seeking a peaceful coastal life.

Why Choose Flagler Beach?

A Small Town with Big Charm

Flagler Beach stands out for its small-town atmosphere combined with breathtaking natural surroundings. The six miles of sandy beaches, enriched with the orange hue of crushed coquina shells, provide an incomparable setting for relaxation and recreation. Whether you're basking in the sun or enjoying the waves, the beach is the heart of our community.

Community Spirit

The sense of community here is palpable. With around 5,000 residents, Flagler Beach FL maintains a close-knit vibe where neighbors become friends. The town boasts an array of dining spots, quaint ice cream shops, and cozy bars that add to its inviting atmosphere. It's a place where the pace is slower, and the smiles are wider.

Flagler Beach Condos for Sale

At Ashley Real Estate Inc, we pride ourselves on presenting a diverse selection of condos and townhomes in Flagler Beach. These properties range from cozy townhomes to luxurious condos along the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. Our listings include prime locations such as Aliki Gold Coast Condos, Beach House Condos, and Costa Del Sol Condos, among others.

Range of Options

The condos in Flagler Beach cater to a wide variety of preferences in terms of price, location, age, and size. Many are situated at the southern end of the city, providing easy access to both the beach and local amenities. Whether you're in the market for an intimate dwelling or a sprawling oceanfront estate, Flagler Beach has something for everyone.

Living in Flagler Beach

A Serene Lifestyle

Choosing a condo in Flagler Beach means embracing a lifestyle marked by serenity and natural beauty. The mornings here start with breathtaking sunrises over the Atlantic, and evenings are capped off with gentle breezes and the soothing sounds of the ocean. It's a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Activities and Events

Despite its serene environment, Flagler Beach is never short on activities. From art and craft shows to surfing competitions, the town hosts a variety of events that bring the community together. The local farmers market, First Friday events, and workshops at the library are just a few ways residents connect and engage with one another.

Professional Guidance

As your guide to Flagler Beach condos for sale, my goal is to help you find the perfect property that fits your needs and lifestyle. With extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and a commitment to personalized service, I'm here to make your search for a dream home in Flagler Beach FL as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Contact Us

For those interested in exploring the vibrant community and exquisite condos of Flagler Beach FL, Ashley Real Estate Inc is your premier resource. With an extensive selection of properties and a deep understanding of the area, we're here to help you find your beachfront retreat or investment property. Reach out to Harry Ashley at 386-931-6054 or via email at harry@harryashley.com to start your journey to a new home in beautiful Flagler Beach.


Flagler Beach FL represents an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and comfortable living. Whether you're seeking a permanent residence or a vacation home, the condos and townhomes here offer a range of options to suit your preferences. With the help of Ashley Real Estate Inc, your dream of living in this coastal paradise can become a reality. Explore Flagler Beach with us and discover the charm of coastal living at its finest.

Professional Guidance

Is Flagler Beach expensive?

When considering the cost of living in Flagler Beach, it's important to put it in perspective. Indeed, compared to many other coastal towns in Florida, Flagler Beach offers a relatively affordable lifestyle. This affordability is one of its most attractive features. The real estate market here, especially, presents a wide range of options that can suit various budgets. From quaint townhomes to luxurious oceanfront condos, there's something for everyone. Yes, living on the waterfront might come with a higher price tag, but when you weigh it against the tranquility, natural beauty, and quality of life Flagler Beach provides, many find it to be well worth the cost. Considering a move or investment here opens doors to a lifestyle many dream of, without the steep prices found in more commercialized coastal areas. How does the idea of waking up to serene ocean views or a quick stroll to the beach sound to you?

Is Flagler Beach safe to swim in?

Swimming in Flagler Beach is generally safe, but like any beach, conditions can vary. Our beaches are known for their cleanliness and natural beauty, attracting both residents and visitors to dip their toes into the Atlantic's inviting waters. The city and community are committed to maintaining a safe environment, with lifeguards stationed at key areas during peak times. We always recommend checking the local flags for current conditions as they provide critical information about the surf and any potential hazards. Remember, the ocean is as powerful as it is beautiful, so respecting it and understanding your own limits is key to a safe and enjoyable experience. Have you ever experienced the thrill of swimming as the sun rises, painting the sky in breathtaking colors?

Does Flagler Beach have a downtown area?

Flagler Beach indeed has a vibrant downtown area that pulses with the heart of our small-town charm. This downtown district is a delightful mix of local eateries, unique shops, and galleries that reflect the eclectic spirit of our community. Unlike the more commercialized downtowns you might find elsewhere, Flagler Beach's downtown area retains an intimate, welcoming feel. It's a place where business owners know your name, and the pace is just a tad slower, allowing you to savor the simple joys of coastal living. Whether you're craving a scoop of homemade ice cream, searching for that perfect piece of local art, or simply wanting to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere, downtown Flagler Beach is the place to be. Have you ever wandered down a street where every storefront had a story?

Is Flagler Beach a good place to live?

Calling Flagler Beach home is like living in a slice of paradise for those of us fortunate enough to reside here. Its perfect blend of natural beauty, community spirit, and a serene lifestyle make it an ideal place for many. The sense of community here is tangible, with friendly faces and open arms welcoming newcomers and visitors alike. What sets Flagler Beach apart is its balance between leisure and activity; you can spend the day surfing and sunbathing or participating in one of our many local events. It's a town that embodies the essence of coastal living while providing the conveniences and amenities needed for a comfortable lifestyle. But it's not just about what I think, isn't the true measure of a good place to live how it feels to you?

What activities are available in Flagler Beach?

In Flagler Beach, you'll find that there's no shortage of activities to fill your days. Our six miles of pristine beaches offer unlimited opportunities for surfing, fishing, or simply lounging in the sun. For the more adventurous souls, try paddleboarding or kayaking in the Intracoastal Waterway, where the calm waters provide a different perspective of our beautiful area. Beyond the water, Flagler Beach hosts a variety of events throughout the year, from art shows and farmers markets to music festivals that bring our community together. We even boast a few well-maintained golf courses nearby for those looking to hit the links. Beyond these, the natural beauty of the area invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore, whether it's biking along scenic A1A or hiking in the nearby state parks. What adventure are you most excited to embark on?

How does Flagler Beach support local businesses?

Flagler Beach thrives on its local businesses, and there's a strong sense of support from both the community and local government to keep our small-town economy vibrant. Initiatives like shop local campaigns and community events are designed to draw attention to the diverse range of businesses we have here. Many local businesses collaborate through cross-promotions and events, creating a tight-knit network that benefits everyone. Furthermore, the city often facilitates opportunities for businesses to showcase their offerings, like setting up at First Friday events or participating in local farmers markets. This supportive environment fosters growth and sustainability for businesses, enhancing the overall charm and appeal of living in and visiting Flagler Beach. Have you ever discovered a place where every purchase feels like supporting a neighbor's dream?


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